Welcome to Bertie x Odie.

Bertie x Odie was created and founded by Emma and Tash - they wanted to create beautifully presented and unique gift boxes and hampers, that you can gift to an expectant friend, colleague, or yourself! Both Emma and Tash love gifting, and are in the stage of our lives where a lot of our friends are having babies, and we were always going to the shops and picking out individual items to put together - they have now come together to create these boxes for other people who don't have the time, or who don't enjoy this part!

The names stem from both founders first babies - fur babies that is - Bertie is Emma's cockapoo, and Odie is Tash's Singapore Special.

What makes this dynamic duo even more interested in this area is that Tash is a midwife, and Emma is a new mum - using both their expertise, experience, and skills, together they have created beautiful gift boxes and products. 


We hope you enjoy gifting these boxes as much as we enjoy putting them together! 

Love Tash and Emma x